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MOVIE REVIEW: Omoni Oboli’s ‘Love is War’ is not about love at all

Love is War is a political drama set in Ondo state, Nigeria. The patriarchal politics of the Nigerian society is unveiled in this film...

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Love is war is showing in cinema across Nigeria (Photo: Eelive)

Title: Love is war

Genre: Drama (comedy)

Director: Omoni Oboli

Duration: 1hr 51 minutes

Love is War tells a story of Hankuri Philips, an astute female politician who wants to become the first female governor in Nigeria, but hell is let loose on her when she becomes embroiled in a political race against her husband in the Nigerian patriarchal political world.


 Hankuri Philips, (Omoni Oboli) a seasoned technocratic and astute politician is elected a governorship candidate of her party, PPM. But she could not get the support of the powers that be unless she dances to their tunes; the governor of the state, (Akin Lewis) and the party chairman, Otunba, (Jide Kosoko) who foist lists of their favourite candidates on her.

However, when Hankuri declines Otunba’s lists in favour of the governor’s, he feels sidelined; he aligns with WDP and elects Hankuri’s husband, Dimeji Philips, (RMD) as their candidate. 

Pitched against each other, Hankuri and Dimeji come into a consensus to participate in the election but agrees that Dimeji should not campaign in order to give her the edge to win. However, when Hankuri makes unfavourable remarks against Dimeji as being used by cabals of WDP to stop her, he feels emasculated and decides to really campaign against his wife.

This brings altercation between the couple and tears them apart. They dive deep into the dirty politics and arming their supporters with the weapons of destruction, fueled by hatred, inciting words, they clash in the streets destroying lives and properties.

Being a male-dominated world, it did not take long for Dimeji to eclipse Hankuri from the top. Wanting to win desperately, Hankrui decides to engage Dimeji in a debate organized by a popular Vlogger, Yinka (Toke Makinwa). At the debate, Hankuri confesses to being raped by her former boss, in which she got pregnant and subsequently had an abortion. As expected, she managed to sway the audience to her favour.

The WDP cabal does not like this, in other to make Hankuri look bad again, they stage an assassination of Dimeji in which the suspect voluntarily confessed that he was paid by Hankuri to assassinate him. Luckily, Dimeji survived the gunshot but decided that he had taken enough. He confessed that his party is responsible for the assassination, vindicating his wife and declaring his support.

Otunba is arrested for attempted murder while Hankuri Philips goes on to become the first female governor in Nigeria.


Love is War is a political drama set in Ondo state, Nigeria. The patriarchal politics of the Nigerian society is unveiled in this film as we are exposed to corruption, the back deals that go on in the charades called elections in Nigeria.

We see how candidates are foisted on the people by a few powerful overlords and the power to govern is practically taken away from them. Even as Hankuri has won, we know she is just going to be a stooge as she has been practically planted there by the presidency and the governor who want her to do their bidding.


One of the pecks of cinema is the camera wonders. Almost all the shots in this film make you want to see it again. Drone shots are effectively utilized to enhance the mood of the political campaigns. The picture quality is top-notch and depicts class.


Love is War is a star-studded movie featuring the likes of the dazzling RMD, Omoni Oboli, Femi Branch, Jide Kosoko, Akin Lewis, the glamorous Shaffy Bello and Toke Makinwa and who would forget the handsome Yemi Blaq.

 Omoni Oboli and RMD are a pair you would want to see any day. The chemistry between them is what makes this film come alive and forces you to root for them even as they come under the influence of political manipulation. They bring the characters to live and give you that hero-villain feeling you crave in cinema.


Love is War is one of those films you tell a friend to go tell a friend, to go and see. I highly recommend you see this film as it will take you into the world not so often exposed to us yet entertains you.

I give this film an 8/10.

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